Tactile Systems supplies a wide range of stair nosing profiles to suit applications in the commercial, industrial, public, transport and educational sectors to name a few. We have products suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our stair nosing is designed to comply with AS1428.1.2009. Tactile Systems also offer custom installations to suit individual job requirements, as well as a wide choice of product colours and features to ensure compliance across different substrates and applications. Our stair nosing range is available in both surface mounted and recessed styles. All products have been designed to meet the many mandatory requirements of stair nosing – including appropriate colour contrast / luminance reflectance value’s (LRV), and slip resistance.

Our stair nosing is available in a choice of finishes and colours, and we provide a selection of insert options including solid carborundum insert, PVC insert, or aluminium carbide grit tape insert. All options available attain a P5 slip rating – tested by a NATA Laboratory. Stair nosing in anodised aluminium can be either clear, black or Cataphoresis Brass. We also stock brass stair nosing for when this finish is desired.

We also have versions of stair nosing specifically designed for multiple substrates including; carpet areas, vinyl floor coverings, tiles, wood or concrete.

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SR1-55X10 Stair Nosing Recess Select Series 1
TSA High Performance Anti-Slip Tread Tape