Warning Composite Discrete Stainless Steel Tactile with Poly Infill


Warning Composite Discrete Tactile with Polyurethane insert are made from 316 marine grade solid stainless steel and high grade Polyurethane insert.
Their robust construction, longevity and elegant aesthetics made them ideal for busy high traffic environments, whilst adding a sense of class to any design.

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Installation Drilling Template TSA 300mm x 300mm

Product Description

Warning Composite Discrete Stainless Steel Tactile with Poly Infill

Tactile Systems Australia products have been independently tested for slip resistance. Please contact us for a copy of the report. This product features a P4 slip resistance rating – as tested by a NATA Approved Laboratory.


Marine Grade Solid Stainless Steel

Slip Rating

P5 Slip Rating – NATA Approved Laboratory

WDSP Tactile Warning Discrete Stainless Steel Poly Infill

Product Variations:

Colour 13mm Single Stem LRV Rating
Black WDSP-13S-TSA-BLK 1.96
Yellow WDSP-13S-TSA-YEL 56.24
White WDSP-13S-TSA-WHI 79.70
Terracotta WDSP-13S-TSA-TER 12.42


Colour 25mm Single Stem LRV Rating
Black WDSP-25S-TSA-BLK 1.96
Yellow WDSP-25S-TSA-YEL 56.24
White WDSP-25S-TSA-WHI 79.70
Terracotta WDSP-25S-TSA-TER 12.42


Colour Pressure Fit 20mm LRV Rating
Black WDSP-20P-TSA-BLK 1.96
Yellow WDSP-20P-TSA-YEL 56.24
White WDSP-20P-TSA-WHI 79.70
Terracotta WDSP-20P-TSA-TER 12.42


Colour Pressure Fit 30mm LRV Rating
Black WDSP-30P-TSA-BLK 1.96
Yellow WDSP-30P-TSA-YEL 56.24
White WDSP-30P-TSA-WHI 79.70
Terracotta WDSP-30P-TSA-TER 12.42

Suitable Substrates:

Tiles Carpet
Bitumen Timber
Rubber Vinyl
Concrete Pavers
Exp Aggregate

Data Sheet – Warning Composite Discrete – Stainless Steel TGSI with Poly Insert