TSA Safety Railing


Tactile Systems Australia’s have a range of safety railing parts to customise your railing to suit your needs.

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Product Description

TSA Safety Rails

Safety railing, also known as guardrails or handrails, are a protective barrier designed to prevent accidental falls and provide support and stability for individuals in various settings.

Product Type

Car Park Fixtures


Safety Hand Rails

  • Construction Sites
  • Staircases
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Trolley Bays
  • Ramps
  • Public Transportation

Product Variations – Parts:

Type Part Number
Short T – Galvanised SR-TSA-01-G
Long T – Galvanised SR-TSA-04-G
Elbow – Galvanised SR-TSA-16-G
Two Sockets Cross Galvanised SR-TSA-19-G
 90° Elbow – Galvanised SR-TSA-25-G
Swivel Elbow Galvanised SR-TSA-25H-G
3 Way Elbow Galvanised SR-TSA-28-G
Wall Flange Galvanised SR-TSA-31-G
Base Flange Galvanised SR-TSA-32-G
Bracket – Galvanised SR-TSA-43W-G
Sleeve Joint Galvanised SR-TSA-49-G
Joint – Galvanised SR-TSA-50-G
4 Way Cross Galvanised SR-TSA-58-G
Cross Over 90 degree – Galvanised SR-TSA-61-G
Single Swivel T Combination – Galvanised SR-TSA-73-G
Single Male Section – Galvanised SR-TSA-73M-G
3 Way Socket Cross – Galvanised SR-TSA-76-G
Open Cross Over – Galvanised SR-TSA-201-G
Toeboard Adaptor Flange – Galvanised SR-TSA-247-G
Cap – Plastic SR-TSA-33-PL
Self Closing Gate – Galvanised SR-SCGA-G
Self Closing Gate – Yellow SR-SCGA-Y
Post, Mid/Top Rail 950mm – Yellow SR-TSA-950-Y
Post, Top/Mid Rail 950mm – Galvanised SR-TSA-950-G
Top/Mid Rail 1940mm – Yellow SR-TSA-1940-Y
Tube 1940mm Galvanised SR-TSA-1940-G

Data Sheet – TSA Safety Railing Parts