TSA Traffic Road Signs


Tactile Systems Australia’s have a range of road traffic signs. Traffic road signs are essential visual cues that guide and inform drivers on the road.

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Product Description

TSA Traffic Road Signs

Traffic Signs play a crucial role in ensuring road safety and efficient traffic flow. Tactile Systems supply all types of signs including regulatory signs, warning signs, and informational signs. We also supply signs for specific purposes, such as pedestrian crossing signs, school zone signs, construction signs and more. If there is something you require that you cant see listed please ask.

Product Type

Car Park Fixtures


Traffic Road Signs


Product Variations – Signs:

Type Part Number
Stop TSA-CPS-101
Give Way TSA-CPS-102
Pedestrian Crossing TSA-CPS-201
Give Way to Pedestrians TSA-CPS-203
No Stopping TSA-CPS-407
Roundabout TSA-CPS-103
5km Speed TSA-CPS-601
10km Speed TSA-CPS-602
Parking TSA-CPS-401
Parking Left TSA-CPS-402
Parking Right TSA-CPS-403
Disabled Parking TSA-CPS-404
One Way TSA-CPS-508
One Way left TSA-CPS-507
One Way Right TSA-CPS-509
Left Turn Only TSA-CPS-512
One Way LT Arrow TSA-CPS-511
One Way RT Arrow TSA-CPS-510
Keep Left TSA-CPS-505
Keep Right TSA-CPS-506
No Entry Red TSA-CPS-513
No Exit TSA-CPS-515
No Entry TSA-CPS-514
No Standing TSA-CPS-406
No Through Road TSA-CPS-516
Bicycles Prohibited TSA-CPS-701
Speed Bump TSA-CPS-301
Speed Bump Ahead TSA-CPS-302
No Left Turn Symbol TSA-CPS-501
No Right Turn Symbol TSA-CPS-502
No Left Turn TSA-CPS-503
No Right Turn TSA-CPS-504
No Parking TSA-CPS-405
No Pedestrian Access TSA-CPS-204
No Entry Symbolp TSA-CPS-205
Children Crossing TSA-CPS-202
Notice – Auth Only TSA-CPS-407
Crush Zone TSA-CPS-800
Forklift Area TSA-CPS-801
Loading Dock TSA-CPS-802
Except In Emergencies TSA-CPS-803
Reserved Parking FE TSA-RPFEV

Product Variations – Spare Parts:

Part Type Part Number
Post 60mm TSA-CPF-102
Sign Post Base TSA-CPF-103
Pole Cap TSA-CPF-104
Ground Spike PGS-600
Bracket Single A4001
Bracket Double A4020
Posts & Poles 2.8m A40320

Data Sheet – TSA Traffic Signs