Replacement Heads (Set of 2) For TGSI Install Hammer

Part N0: TSA-IH RH-40MM


Hard rubber heads that will not mark or damage tactile indicators. Replaceable heads to give extended product life to your TGSI Install hammer


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TSA Install Hammer

Install Hammer for Tactile Indicators

Our Install hammers have replaceable rubber heads which protect the surface of the tactile from damage caused by steel hammers.  They are sufficient weight for effective install whilst being light enough for repeated use.

Ideal for use with:
Warning Discrete Stainless Steel / Brass
Warning Composite Discrete Stainless Steel
Warning Discrete Polyurethane Single Stem
Warning Discrete Polyurethane Bladed Shaft
Directional Discrete Polyurethane Single Stem
Directional Discrete Polyurethane Bladed Shaft

Install hammer
Replacement Heads (set of 2)
TSA Install Hammer replacement heads
Set of 2 replacement heads also available for purchase
TSA Install Hammer